Weekly Training Recap: Dec. 2-8

December 9, 2013

Will power. I don’t think I will ever understand it. Some weeks I’m at its mercy and other weeks I’ve got it pinned to the wall. Last week, unfortunately, was one of those weeks where will power seemed to escape my body without a trace, resulting in me making poor eating choices and logging too many “rest” days. In a 7-day period, I had pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, more bread than I care to admit, Twizzlers, cookies and I’m sure a few other things I shouldn’t have been consuming {insert human garbage disposal sound here}. Although I got all my runs in and had a strong weekend of miles, I didn’t do any of my cross-training sessions thanks to a little devil called the snooze button.

ZOOMA Florida training on runladylike.com

Here is what last week’s training for the ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon looked like:

I wish I could say these were rest days, but the truth is, I just got busy and lazy and didn’t do anything.

2-mile warm-up on the elliptical machine (while waiting for a treadmill)
4 miles of speed work: 4 x 1,200-meters (0.75 miles) at 6:44 pace with 2 minutes of active recovery between each + a short cool down jog

Look what arrived in the mail on Wednesday. I can’t wait to start my marathon coaching certification process, which consists of a 3-hour exam, written case study, 18-week practicum with a client that is assessed by a master coach and CPR/first-aid training. I’ll be sharing more about this process in the New Year.

Marathon coaching on runladylike.com

4-mile easy progression run (9:20, 8:53, 8:41, 8:15)

Strength training: 3 sets of 10 push-ups, 10 bicep curls with 15-pound dumbells, 10 oblique side bends (per side) with 15-pound dumbells, 20 bench dips, 10 shoulder raises with 5-pound dumbells (10 forward, 10 side) and 20 leg raises targeting lower abs

I tried out my new Brooks Transcend for this run – the brand new Brooks shoes that will launch in stores nationwide on February 1. Did I mention they arrived in a spaceship?

The New Brooks Transcend on runladylike.com

Nada, zilch, zip

Atlanta Beltline Eastside 10K: I ran a new PR of 45:06 and got second in my age group. Read my race recap here.

ZOOMA Florida training on runladylike.com

10 easy miles in the rain at an average 8:26/mile pace
After my run I did 15 minutes of ab work (the P90X ab workout) and deep stretching.

Here’s to doing what we say we’re going to do and not making any excuses this week.

If you’re interested in running the ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon (or 5K) with me, use code FLAAMB4 to get $10 off your registration. I am an ambassador for the race.

Still wondering what to get the runners or triathletes in your life for the holidays? Check out my gift guide for runners and look no further.

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Are you running any more races before the year ends? How did your training go last week?


Amanda @runtothefinish

I don’t usually have a problem with too many rest days, but there are definitely weeks where my eating swings wayyy out of normal. Then it takes me a day or two to get back to “normal” 🙂


I was so excited to see those new Brooks! They definitely know their marketing 😉

Lacy @ Running Limit-less

Those kind of weeks happen. I have noticed that during this time of year it is much harder for me to stay motivated. Still you brought home an awesome PR. I have one more race for the year – Kiawah Island Marathon. I am really excited and nervous and it is the one I have been training for forever it seems. Training last week wasn’t too bad but I could have eaten better but that is the story of my life. I will be trying much harder in the new year to eat better.


Good luck this weekend, Lacy! I’m super excited for you and wish I was going to be there to run the half. Please keep me posted on how it goes. We’ll both get back on track with eating after Christmas. Have a great race! xo

Janelle J

You call that a slow week?! Haha, great job with what you were able to accomplish, like that PR! I look forward to picking up the pace and intensity over the next few weeks and still hope to do a 10K soon.


LOL, Janelle. It started really slowly and ended better than it started. I was mainly disappointed in my lack of cross training. Part of my plan is to do 2 days of cross training each week (either swimming or biking) to enhance my running/endurance while maintaining my multisport base. This week is a new week 🙂

meghan @ little girl in the big world

I know you mentioned several times what a bad week you had, but I really don’t think it was as bad as you’re thinking it to be. You still ran a lot! And a race week should be lighter anyways! I’m still going to say congrats on a good week!