Transformation Tuesday: 3 Weeks Postpartum

January 31, 2017

The human body is an amazing phenomenon. From having a baby to running a marathon, our bodies allow us to do some truly miraculous things. Equally amazing is the body’s ability to change and transform itself after major traumatic events like injury or child birth. I had no idea how my body would bounce back after welcoming Baby rUnladylike to the world three weeks ago. So far, I’m pleased with what it has been able to do on its own before I reintroduce exercise. I believe being active before and during my pregnancy has enabled my body to speed its own recovery.

Here’s how my body has changed physically during the past three weeks and since I checked in with an update eight days postpartum.

I gained 29 pounds during pregnancy. At two weeks postpartum, I’d lost 17 of those pounds (I weighed myself at the pediatrician’s office). During the past week, I’ve probably shed another two or three pounds. Although I only have about nine or 10 pounds left to lose to return to my pre-baby weight, my stomach is very soft. All the abdominal strength and definition I had before is pretty much gone, so while the weight may be dropping, there is a lot of strength that will need to be rebuilt as part of the journey. Additionally, breastfeeding has left me ravenous. I’m essentially a human garbage disposal attempting to eat every possible carbohydrate that crosses my path.

The only exercise I have done up to this point are short walks in my neighborhood with Baby rUnladylike in the stroller. On Saturday, I walked the furthest I’ve gone since having the baby, and I could tell it took a little toll on me afterward. I am continuing to try to walk a half-mile to a mile daily with the stroller. I’m going to see how I feel at the four-week mark next week, and if I am feeling OK, I will add some additional slow walking on my treadmill and some upper body strength work. I don’t plan to run until week five or six and will be starting back incredibly slow, with walk-running and the elliptical to begin to rebuild my base.

My friends at Brooks Running recently sent me the new Brooks Launch 4s as a gift to try. It has been a bit of a tease to have these on my feet and not be able to run in them, but I’ve been putting them to work on my walks. I absolutely love the new model and this new bright pink color with purple laces. They are even better than the previous 3s, although the differences are very subtle. Although the Brooks PureCadence have always been my go-to running shoe for the past five years (the 5s were my least favorite version), the Launch may be my favorite shoe Brooks makes. I’ll keep you posted on how they feel on the run when I’m back at it in a few weeks.

Being a mom has been the most awesome experience so far. Baby rUnladylike has captured my whole heart. I am excited to set a good example for her and to help her grow into a strong, healthy, smart and kind girl.

Always a serious face before she learns how to smile …

I like big bows and I cannot lie …

How is your running and training going? How are you doing so far toward your 2017 fitness goals?


Sandra Laflamme

She is just too cute! I so miss the sweet baby stage with the best warm cuddles! You look fantastic Jes and way to be smart about jumping into running to quickly. Your body will thank you for your patience. Hard to believe its already been 3 weeks! xoxo

Heather Smith

The Launch 3’s are my absolute favorite shoes! I’m glad to hear you like the 4’s so far…I’m always worried about trying the new design. The Glycerins lost me between the 12’s and 13’s!

You are looking fabulous and your return to running plan sounds like a good one! I am not due until April and I am sure I will be itching to get back out there…but taking it slow and rebuilding strength slowly and safely is so important! Thanks for sharing your experiences!


Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your kind words and big congrats to you on your sweet baby-to-be. I think you will be really pleased with the 4s. The updates aren’t terribly noticeable, but I think they feel and look slightly better overall. I really love the color I have and can’t wait to do more than walking in them. Let me know what you think when you try them! xo

Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

OMG she is adorable!! It sounds like you are adjusting into mommyhood very well! I am so excited to see you in March xoxo


Thank you so much! Can’t wait for our triP and to see you to catch up. xo


Oooh!!! She is just a bowl full of deliciousness!! Jes, she is so beautiful and I know you are enjoying every moment. You, by the way look incredible! You will be back in no time and I love that you are honoring your body. I love reading your posts on being a new Mom and your journey of getting back. Hugs to you friend!! Xoxo

Ashley Diamond

Oh my gosh I love that caption – she likes big bows and cannot lie! Thanks for sharing your experience. I too have been stretching into those Brooks tanks but they don’t look quite so lovely on me as you did – maybe it’s because I’m still in that akward stage. 🙂


Ugh! The awkward stage seems to last forever!!! Honestly it wasn’t until I was over the 30-week bump that I felt I actually looked really pregnant and people knew I was pregnant and not just possibly pregnant. You look great! Can’t wait to meet you in March! xo

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes

She is so precious and adorable! You look fantastic and it sounds like motherhood is treating you well! xoxo


You look so great already! You’ll be back to your old shape and clothes before you know it. You have a great attitude about it and I’m glad you’re enjoying the cuddles and the extra carbs!


Thank you Nicole! Your post-baby transformation and comeback has been inspiring!!! xo


She is just too cute! Being pregnant totally killed my ab strength. I carefully avoided a lot of ab work when I was pregnant to avoid diastasis recti, so now I’m really lacking. I’m slowly working back up, but my core, especially my abs, still feels so week at 12 weeks postpartum. Luckily they’re totally worth it. 🙂


She is so beautiful! You’re doing awesome and look fantastic. Breast feeding made me SO hungry too! And I found that my body liked holding onto that last 4-5 pounds until I weaned her… like it was afraid I wouldn’t have enough fat to produce milk, so don’t stress if that’s the case… but every woman is different. Enjoy her!!

Amanda N

Do adorable! Seems like recovery is going well for you so far! Walks do wonders when it’s all you can do and at least you have nice weather.

For the first time ever, I actually did XTing – 12 days in January. Already 2 days of XTing in February too! Loved that infographic you posted the other day. It was insightful!


Your baby is SO cute! And you are in amazing shape! These before and after photos are just stunning! Good for you! It took me more than 5 months to get back in shape after I gave birth to my son.