Today I Am …

February 10, 2017

I have run a 5K at a 6:30 per mile pace. But today, I am not that runner.

I have run a half marathon faster than a 7:30 per mile pace. But today, I am not that runner.

I have run a marathon at an 8:06 per mile pace. But today, I am not that runner.

Today, I walked 20-minute miles while pushing an infant in a stroller.

Today, I walk on the treadmill until I’m strong enough to run again.

Today, I’m choosing not to compare myself to where I used to be or where I want to be. It’s easy to judge ourselves and never be satisfied where we are. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others’ journeys or our own past journeys. Today, I will not do that.

Today, I’m proud of where I’ve been and excited about where I’m going.

Today, I know that I will be stronger, fitter and faster than I was before. Starting over can feel overwhelming, but every goal worth attaining has to begin somewhere.

Today, I am a runner patiently waiting to run again.

Tell me about where you are in your running journey today. 



I feel like the permanent restarting beginner, but when I am out of the door I tell myself: I am moving and so am ahead of those who are not no matter if I walk or run or switch between the two.


Hang in there friend!! I know it’s hard but these days, months and years will seem so short when you look back on them – I promise you! And I fully agree (because it happened to me) that you will come back faster and stronger and with a better appreciation for running than ever before 🙂 xoxo

angela @ happy fit mama

I love this! It’s hard not to look back at times when you were faster and just crushing workouts. Especially when you are sleep deprived and feel like the walking dead. But right now is an amazing time for you. You are rebuilding your body from the ground up which means it will be stronger than ever before. Your body knows what to do. You’ve got this!

Ben J

It’s important to take the time to give your body and/or mind a break when you need to and not worry about losing the runner you were. Last September, as I went through a separation and the beginning of a divorce, I stopped running completely for two weeks even though I had a marathon coming up. I decided to skip that marathon and ran a different one at the end of October, where I set a PR on sheer determination. I then took most of November off to let my mind and body recover some more before getting back into running seriously in December. Now I feel stronger as a runner than ever. I just took almost a minute off my 5K PR and am training with an eye toward another marathon PR in May.

Carolina John

A lot of people think you should track pre-baby and post-baby PR’s separately. It’s such a different body capability, it’s crazy. I have been pushing for under- and over-40 pr categories.

Keep your head on straight! You are still amazing.


3 months PP today and on week 4 of c25k. Week 4 for the 3rd time. It’s been such a humbling experience, but when you think of what our bodies have done and created, it should make you that much more proud! I love running, but I’d trade every race for another day of pushing my little girl on a nice long walk. You’ve got this, I’ve got this. Way to go, momma!


Thank you so much Emily and congrats on your baby and for getting back out there!


I’m in week 2 of restarting. Had to take almost the entire year off (2016) after breaking my back. I did a 5K in November and then had to get another surgery. So slowly. I dream about doing a marathon, but I doubt until I get the screws removed from my spine (they hit nerves, so it is in constant pain), that is going to happen.


Wow Allison. You have been through so much! I can’t imagine how difficult your injury was, and I’m so glad to hear you are recovering well now. Take it slow and the rest will follow. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Mike Podracky

I am not that runner I was either, but for a different reason. I started seriously running at 58 and I just turned 64. For 5 1/2 years, I fed off the highs of improving times at every distance, even winning many age group firsts, despite my biological clock aging.

Late last year, I noticed in my training log I was struggling to hit my previous workout times, or when I did, the “perceived effort” I always tracked was much higher. This year those trends have continued. Perhaps I don’t want to finally admit it yet, but I think I have plateaud in my body’s ability to improve. At some point, one’s aging of course thwarts the processing of oxygen and other performance indicators.

For a little while, I was sulking about my plateaud times and was grouchy. I think I am moving toward accepting where I am, and celebrating that I can still even run 26.2. Getting older does suck in some regards, however, the alternative is certainly something I want to pass on for about 30 years.

Good luck, Jesica, getting back to whatever runner you want to be. I need to now accept whatever runner I now become. Probably at some point (hopefully a long time from now), I will need to be content pushing my great grandkids in a stroller too


Thanks for sharing so much of your story with us Mike. I think running at any age is impressive, and the most important thing is that we find joy and satisfaction in the miles. That’s much more important than pace or continuing to improve race after race. I know you’ve found that and I love that you’re celebrating it. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. xo

Heather Smith

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant and ran a 3.2 miles at a 13 min mile pace…I used to run 7-8 min miles, and I can’t wait to be back at that again, but for now I am choosing to be grateful I can run at all!

Thank you for sharing this! It’s a great reminder to not only stop comparing ourselves to others…but comparing ourselves to ourselves when circumstances have changed.


Yay for 32 weeks! You are in the home stretch. I would say 32 weeks is about the time that I started to get uncomfortable and that I noticed more weakness in my pelvis that affected what I could and couldn’t do on the exercise front. It is amazing that you are still running. Way to go. Wishing you a smooth and healthy next few weeks. Enjoy this exciting time!

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes

You should be proud! Paces may change with phases of life, but that determination to work hard is what really defines you as a runner – and you are one of the most dedicated runners I know. You will be stronger than before and I am excited to follow as you share the journey!

Paige S

Today, I ran 10 miles at my second best marathon PR pace. (And tomorrow, I will be 14 weeks pregnant. 😍)

Keep it up Jesica! I’m excited to see your postpartum success.


Congrats on your pregnancy Paige. So exciting. I felt so good around the 14 to 16 week mark through the end of the second trimester. My exercise almost felt a bit like normal. I hope you find the same thing this trimester. Thanks for your kind words. xo

Amanda N

You have such a great outlook on your running comeback, it’s really refreshing. You’ll take it one day at a time and eventually you will be flying again. Enjoy the journey!

I am focusing on building strength and stretching while trying to resolve my knee issue. So I can be pain free and better than I once was. Running is coming second right now, which is different. Hoping in a couple months I can be issue free. (Actually debating take a week or two off from running right now but it kills me to do that!).


I’m so glad to hear about your focus on strength training. I think that is so important for preventing (or repairing) muscle imbalances and running injury free in the long-term. I hope your knee issues resolve quickly so you feel great out on the run. Thinking of you!


Today at 16 months postpartum I run a 10K ata slower pace than I was able to run a half marathon once BUT I know that I’m making progress toward getting that speed back. Unfortunately I’ve found that there are number of factors that have led to me not regaining or surpassing my pre-pregnancy speed (less sleep, less recovery time, more illness, less time, less ability to relax and recovery properly after a hard run due to chasing a child around and the extra chores that come with taking care of a baby) but I’ve come to accept that it just will take me a little longer than I hope to get there. We all have our own timelines to regaining (or never in some people’s cases I’m sure) our pre pregnancy fitness. I can tell you’re itching to get back (as I was at your point) and I know that you’ll make running a priority and be back to feeling like a runner again! Even though we’re all watching and following, be sure to choose your own path and do what’s best for you and your family! I know having a blog has put some extra pressure on my comeback as well, even though I may not always think it does!


Thank you so much Nicole. I’ve enjoyed reading about your comeback and am in awe of how fit and fantastic you look! We will get there with the speed! Now, if I can just get those abs you have. LOL!


as someone who has been forced to start over more times than i can count over the years, you are doing great. accept where you are and the body you have right now. you just produced a human!! that’s an amazing feat! you have a healthy body and will get back to your speedy self. i have had to start over multiple times this year alone due to all my brain surgeries and my crazy adrenal tumor surgery and this unknown weight loss, so i get it. but, free yourself of expectations and just enjoy the ride my friend. any day we get to run is a joyful day, no matter the pace!


You are seriously my superhero. What you have been through is truly beyond comprehension, and the fact that you keep persevering in spite of some of the most difficult odds is something everyone can learn from. You inspire me daily and so many other people who have never even met you. Thanks for sharing your perspective. You are so right that any day we get to run is a blessed one. xoxo

Sara @ RunningWife

You are AMAZING! Hang in there it will come! I’m just starting to feel like myself again and I know how hard it is to compare. Luckily our loss of fitness is for the best reason EVER!


Thank you so much! You and your post-baby running has been amazing. I’m planning to go for my first run in a few days at six weeks postpartum. Can’t wait!

Jennifer Ventura

Today, I am 342 pds. (down 8) 15 years ago I ran 4 miles a day. I am trying to get my life back. In my dreams I run. Today I am persistant.


It is the small steps that lead to big victories. Just being persistent is a huge daily win. Cheering you on virtually in your journey!


I have a 2 week old baby and prior to pregnancy was in the best shape I had ever been in.. and was working at being in better shape.. Now post baby.. It’s hard to look in the mirror and not compare myself to what I looked like before the baby/baby weight..
Thank you so much for this post! <3 It helps me a lot!
I have been trying to eat good and go for walks when the weather allows it with the baby though 🙂


Congrats Matraca! I hope you are enjoying life with your sweet new baby. Isn’t it the best? I know we will both get back to our pre-baby body and fitness. It is a process. I wish it went faster sometimes. LOL! xoxo


It is amazing for sure! 🙂 Thank you!!!