Life Lately in 140 Characters or Less

August 9, 2017

By now, I realize it’s quite possible you may be under the impression I was abducted by aliens. Or, you may have guessed I fell into a crack in the Earth and completely disappeared. Or, you may have concluded I retreated to the North Pole to escape the Florida heat and have lost all Internet access.

Alas, I am alive and well. A lot has been happening here at rUnladylike headquarters. Here are my latest updates in 140 characters or less!

My running base is officially back. I’m running 15-21 miles/week with a 7-mile long run. Mileage and distance will increase from here.

Views from three recent 7-mile runs:

Florida’s humidity is a confidence crusher, but I’m persevering. I slow my pace and walk as needed, and my treadmill helps on hot days.

With my friend Beth after a particularly humid, hot and soul-crushing run last month

I’m going to Grand Teton, Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks this month. It’s Baby rUnladylike’s introduction to our National Park quest.

Testing out baby hiking backpacks. We settled on the Kelty Journey 2.0. Here goes nothing!
I ordered Baby rUnladylike an official National Park passport so she can document all of her park experiences from the very beginning. I can’t wait to see where the adventures of her life will take her!

(Be sure to follow the excitement on Instagram where I’ll be posting regularly throughout the journey.)

I found a new cross-training studio: CAMP. Their circuit class combines speed work & weights + they have spinning & yoga. It’s my new jam.

I’m running two 5Ks in September: The Fit Foodie on 9/9 and the Thin Mint Sprint on 9/16. Watch for exciting giveaways and updates soon!

With my mom and dad after last year’s Fit Foodie 5K I ran while pregnant

My flight is booked to Boston for the Seacoast Half Marathon! My training has been unstructured, so I’ll be digging deep the next 3 months.

This is going to be a racecation with my best running pal Elizabeth! I can’t wait! We’re meeting up with lots of Rise.Run.Retreat. alumni, and it’s sure to be a great weekend!

The fun we’re having as a family with Baby rUnladylike and the joy she brings me is beyond words. She’s 7 months today! GASP!

What have been the highlights of your last month? How is your fall training going?


Laura King Edwards

Love this! I ran the Missoula Half Marathon and hiked in Glacier NP last month. I hiked in Grand Teton and Yellowstone a couple of years ago; let me know if you want any tips. You’ll have an amazing time! I’m focused on TEDxCharlotte, and I also just signed up for Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach Marathon in December.


So, so great!!! I love all of this so much…except that I will miss out on seeing you while you’re so close!
Looking forward to your Insta pics of the parks!

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes

So many great things going on for you! Glacier, Teton, and Yellowstone sound amazing – and I love that Baby rUnladylike is starting off her adventuring! She is so big now and has such a beautiful smile – happy 7 month birthday to her! Enjoy your trip – I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Amanda N

I think y our national park quest is so cool! I would love to visit more parks but I am a day trip kind of girl, not so much a sleeping bag in a tent one haha I am sure you will build great memories with your little one! Looks like your running is going well too! Look forward to the rest of your progress and race!

I graduated from PT a month ago, yay! Now I am having issues on my other leg, not so yay. Working it and that is what matters though. Also, my 4 year old climbed a mountain and descended it all by herself (okay we held her hand a few times) our first family hike not on just forest trails and it was amazing. I was seriously so inspired and impressed! Only 1.5 miles and 1,200 feet, but still…that is more than I ever did at 4! Made me so proud.