I’m Going to #RunHappy with Brooks Running This Year

February 5, 2013

Count to 3. Reach through your computer screen. And pinch me. Pinch me really, really hard to make sure I’m not dreaming! That’s because Brooks Running has asked me to be one of their Run Happy Ambassadors for 2013. If I said I was excited, I would be lying. The truth is, I’m BEYOND excited! I’m elated. Overjoyed. Eternally grateful. (Think of the song Chariots of Fire playing while watching the ultimate fireworks show, and that’s pretty much what’s going on in my head right now!)

Brooks has been my favorite running brand for a long time. I’ve run every marathon, every half marathon and my recent half Ironman in a pair of Brooks Running shoes.

But perhaps what I love about Brooks even more than their running shoes is their philosophy about running. Their goal is to help people Run Happy. So often as runners, it’s easy for the pressure of hitting certain race times or paces, the struggles to fit running into the chaos of our everyday lives and the heartbreak we experience when we don’t run as well as we hoped we would or knew we could to cause us to forget why running makes us happy. And we cannot forget that.

Think back to that first time you ran 3 miles without stopping. Or the first time you ever crossed the finish line at a race. Or getting that first medal draped around your neck for conquering your first marathon. Think about the friends you’ve met simply because you run and the bonds you’ve made with other runners that will last a lifetime. Running makes me happy, and my goal is to keep running happy. To enjoy the miles. To push myself to my greatest potential. To be proud of my small victories. And to help others achieve theirs.

As a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador, I’ll be sharing some really exciting (and happy) things with you throughout the year. I’ll have some awesome products to give away, contests to invite you to be part of and new and inspiring behind-the-scenes info to help us all Run Happy. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed I’m not someone who tries out a lot of stuff and writes about it. I don’t team up with many brands because I write about the things I truly believe in and the products and gear that help me find my extraordinary. When I started this blog, the one company I dreamed I’d get to work with one day was Brooks Running. I am truly honored and grateful for this opportunity. Like I said, please pinch me.

This year I’m going to Run Excited. Run Ecstatic. Run Motivated. Run Elated. Run Thankful. Run Happy! I hope you’ll join me.

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Disclosure: As a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador, I receive compensation and free Brooks products to test. The thoughts and opinions I express about Brooks and their products are my own and always will be.

What makes you the happiest about running? What does it mean to you to Run Happy? Have you ever run in Brooks Running shoes or gear? If so, what products are your favorites?



Thank you Amy! I’m super excited 🙂


Congrats, lady!! Well deserved 🙂


Thank you so much Heather!!!


Yay so excited for you!! #runhappy sisters 🙂


Thank you Kat! So happy to be joining the #RunHappy team with you 🙂


So so so so SOOOOOOO happy for you! Couldn’t have found a more appropriate ambassador than you for the Run Happy campaign!! 🙂


Thank you so so much Christina. I am humbled by your kind words. Looking forward to bringing you some running happiness this year 🙂 Getting excited for Divas in April!


I can’t think of anyone right now who’s better for this – you have a healthy attitude, you’re always positive and smiling and you are REALLY committed to running. You deserve it, what’s more, they’re really lucky.

🙂 Congrats!


Jen, You have just made my day. Thank you SOOOO much for your super thoughtful words. They mean more than you know. I hope I’ll keep helping you run happy too this year. xoxo


Congratulations! So excited and so happy for you! 🙂


Congrats!!! So well deserved!


Congratulations!!!! That’s so amazing! They are lucky to have you. 😉


Thank you for your kind words Jen. I am very excited.


So excited for you! Looking forward to following along …

Oh, cute pic, too!

Winks & Smiles,


Thanks so much Wifey 🙂 Gotta keep up with you. *wink*


Woohoo! Definitely a dream fulfilled. Proud of you, buddy!

Kimberly Currier

Jesica – Brooks is my favorite running brand too. Ditto on all the races, etc in their awesome shoes. Congratulations! Keep up the great work on the blog. I don’t comment but I always read it and enjoy it.


Thanks so much, Kimberly! I’m so appreciative that you read along. That means a lot! xo


How exciting for you!! Congratulations Jes 🙂 Brooks is an amazing company. Such a great opportunity!!


Congratulations! Very exciting news and sure to be an awesome journey and partnership! I recently purchesed my first pair of Brooks (PureFlow) and L-O-V-E love them! I’ve previously run in both Nike, Mizuno and one pair of Asics (bad choice…!). The Brooks Pure line seems to fit my needs and preferences very well and I’m looking forward to trying more from Brooks in the future!


Thank you Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear you like your Pure Flows. I LOVE the Pure line too. I’m a bit of an overpronator so I run in the Pure Cadence which is the stability shoe in that line. I’m in for life 🙂 Happy running and training. Thanks for stopping by!!!


Yay!! So excited and HAPPY for you!

Sarah @RunFarGirl

What an amazing opportunity! I just started running in the Brooks Pure Cadence and I LOVE them. I love the way they hug my feet and feel “fast.” I’ve been so happy with them so far. I’m looking forward to trying a few more in their Pure line, maybe the Flow. I’ve heard that’s a good one too.


Thank you Sarah!!! I am in love with the Cadence. If you overpronate a bit, I would suggest sticking to them because they have the most stability in the Pure line. I’m going to start doing my trail runs in the PureGrit and I’m super excited about that. Thanks again for the kind words. Keep running happy 🙂


Firstly, congrats! I just bought my first pair of Brooks a couple weeks ago. I recently signed up for my 1st race and started my training, then got the stomach flu! This post reminded me that running is still about being happy and not to stress over a few days of lost training. So, thanks for that


Hi Carrie! Congrats on your first Brooks running shoe purchase. I hope you like yours as much as I love mine 🙂 I’m so glad this post was helpful in bringing back some perspective to your running. One week of being sick will not derail you from achieving your goals. Please keep me posted on your training and race! Good luck! xo


Congratulations Jesica. We are proud of you!

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Congrats! I recently switched to Brooks and I like them! I’m looking forward to your giveaways! 🙂


Congratulations! Well deserved 🙂

beka @ rebecca roams

Wuhooo!!! Way to go Jess! Congrats 🙂 I do like my Brooks and I am hoping to give them another shot soon!


Try out the PureProject line. A lot of people who didn’t run in Brooks before seem to really like them. They are different than their core line, which is also great, but may appeal to converts 🙂 Happy running, Beka!


WOW! This is awesome – and well-deserved!! Looking forward to hearing more details soon. Very soon! 🙂


Congratulations!! Amazing! That’s fantastic news!

Lisa @ RunWiki

They could not have selected a better person! I love and run in Brooks as well! You’re a perfect fit! Congratulations.


Thank you for your generous words, Lisa. Glad to be a Brooks running sister with you 🙂


Congrats! That is awesome!

Pottsville Running Mom

I will Run Happier because of Brooks.
One of my favorite people is Kim H….she is my Fit Girlz instructor and the commander of our Women Can Run army. She leads multiple kickboxing classes for dozens of women FREE OF CHARGE. Her husband is in the military and had been having issues with his feet due to the boots. He loves Brooks and the insoles were helping him. He plans to run a very important race to honor veterans… and Brooks doesn’t sell the insoles (He had taken them from his shoes). Kim posted on Facebook last night that Brooks sent him extra in-soles free of charge, and will continue to do so when he needs more! I am very impressed and HAPPY at Brooks’ support of this very generous couple and our military. THANK YOU!!!!
I run a LOT! I have not tried Brooks running shoes in the past (it’s easier to stick with what I know), but I certainly WILL NOW!!!!


What an awesome story, Pottsville Running Mom! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us. I’ve also shared it with the Brooks team, as I know they’d love to hear about the impact they’ve made on your instructor’s husband and you. Happy running!!! Thanks for stopping by runladylike.com.


Yay Jesica! That is so exciting. I only run in Brooks and can’t wait to try the new pure flows. Very happy for you!


I am so excited for you – yet slightly jealous at the same time! I love my Brooks – especially the Pure Cadence! I even got my husband to switch over to the lower heel drop 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your RunHappy moments!


Thank you so much Megan! We are Cadence twins!!! I look forward to running happy together this year and following your journey. Cheers!

Mary Thorson

This is seriously a dream of mine! How would I start traveling the road to get there? I am clueless!


Hi Mary,
Brooks does not have an application process. They choose bloggers who run in Brooks and love the brand. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook and I’m sure they will respond to any questions you have. Thanks for your interest! It is certainly a wonderful experience 🙂