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Rave Runs of 2014

December 18, 2014

There are some runs we forget nearly the moment they are finished, like the weekday run on the route we’ve covered a hundred times, or the uneventful long run that was just average. But there are other runs that become etched in our brains for eternity – runs we will never forget. Runs that will keep us going and searching for years to come, to capture that feeling and essence once again.

Several times throughout the year, I’m fortunate to have my two passions collide: running and traveling. Running in new and different cities may be one of my favorite things to do. By the end of this month, I will have logged 1,300 miles of running in 2014. These were the miles that stood out the most. These were the runs that were so meaningful that no words can really describe them. These were my rave runs of 2014.

January: Amelia Island, Florida 

Read more about the run here.

January: Monterey, California

 Read more about the run here.

February: Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina

March: British Virgin Islands

April: St. George, Utah

April: Dunton, Colorado

Read about running in the Colorado altitude here.

May: Hollywood, California

June: Seattle, Washington with the Brooks Running crew

Read more about the weekend and runs here and here.

Hanging with the Brooks Running CEO Jim Webber … no big deal. Ha!
Hanging with the Brooks Running CEO Jim Webber … no big deal. Ha!

June: Savannah, Georgia

Read more about the weekend in Savannah here.

July: Clearwater, Florida

August and September: Hawaii (Kaua’i and Maui)

Read about the runs here and here.

October: Louisville, Kentucky

October: Chicago, Illinois

 Need I say more? Read my race recap from the Chicago Marathon here. Spoiler alert: It was a PR and BQ.

November: Nashville, Tennessee

November: Yosemite, Califorina

November: Sonoma, California

This month, I’m most looking forward to running with my parents and good friends from Florida during the holidays! Often times it’s not the places you run, but the people you run with.

I can’t wait to run with Mom and Dad this month!
I can’t wait to run with Mom and Dad this month!

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Where were the most memorable places you ran this year? Do you have a favorite run from 2014?

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