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Outdoor Treats without the Tricks

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from the rUnladylike family!

Happy Halloween! This year I was Cersai Lanister from Game of Thrones and Mr. rUnladylike was a giant teddy bear. Ha!
Happy Halloween! This year I was Cersai Lanister from Game of Thrones and Mr. rUnladylike was a giant teddy bear. Ha!

This year, forget the flavored Tootsie Rolls, bite-sized chocolate bars and individually wrapped Twizzlers (ok, maybe I’ll keep the Twizzlers … and the party-sized Skittles. Oh yeah, and I’m definitely keeping the Laffy Taffys too.) I want to swap Halloween candy for some truly amazing outdoor treats that will make every fitness enthusiast’s mouth water.

Each month, I share my favorite finds for running, triathlon and general fitness that are helping me train and race happy, motivated and healthy. October has been all about getting back outside, enjoying the beautiful fall weather and reconnecting with different workouts after my marathon at the beginning of the month.

Here are 8 outdoor finds from October that are all treats with no tricks.

1. Brooks Running Adapt Jacket
There are not enough words or ways I can describe how much I love the Brooks Running Adapt Jacket. If you have been reading for a while, you know that I’m a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador and receive different products from them on a regular basis to test and try. In October, they sent me this amazing jacket, and I pretty much haven’t taken it off since it arrived. This jacket is my new favorite fall must-have and you all need to get one.

Me at the Chicago Marathon expo in my Brooks Running Adapt Jacket
Me at the Chicago Marathon expo in my Brooks Running Adapt Jacket

Here’s what I like about it:

  • It feels like a light layer but is made to run in temperatures below 40 degrees Farenheit. It keeps you really warm weather you’re walking around town, hiking in the mountains or running in freezing temps. The fabric is water-resistant and there are thermal panels under the arms and in the shoulders.
  • There is a soft fabric at the wrists of the jacket that provide cozy thumbholes. I love that the thumbhole pieces can tuck into the jacket so you can’t see them when you’re indoors or when you don’t need the extra coverage on your hands. So many long-sleeve pieces with thumbholes look silly and are too long when you aren’t using that portion of the sleeve. They also add a little fashion by being a different color than the actual jacket.
  • The very best part about the Adapt Jacket is the hidden hood and face mask for those days that are extremely cold and windy. In the collar of the jacket, there is a tiny pocket in which a soft hood is rolled up and stored until you need it. It is connected to the neck of the jacket and covers the entire head, with the option of covering your face below your eyes. Don’t I look like a turtle popping out of my shell in it? The Adapt Jacket retails for $180 and comes in black/grey, blue/navy and jam/grey for women and in blue and black for men.

2. Brooks Running Infiniti Capri IIIs
Equally as amazing as the Brooks Adapt Jacket are the Infiniti Capri IIIs in the new teal and navy aurora woodblock pattern. I think these are so fun and every time I put them on they make me happy. You can pair them with a fun, bright color like yellow or pink. I get a compliment every time I wear these capris – whether I’m running on the road or wearing them to barre class. There is a pocket on the back of the capris that can fit an iPhone and is also lined with waterproof material so no matter how much you sweat; the contents of your pocket stay dry. There is also grippy, elastic type material around the bottom of the capris to make sure they don’t ride up on your calves/legs. Genius. The Infiniti Capri IIIs retail for $68 and come in a variety of solid colors as well.

3. Sparkly Soul Headbands
Something you should know about me is that I have an oddly shaped head. I only know this because I have never found a fitness headband that will stay on my head … That is, until Sparkly Soul. I bought my first Sparkly Soul headband last year at the Peachtree Road Race expo. Although I don’t often run in these because I almost always run in a visor, I love to wear them to fitness classes like barre, yoga and strength training. I also love to throw them on after a run because they make your haggard post-run hair look more presentable. They’re also super cute. I bought two more at the Chicago Marathon expo this month – another silver band to replace my last one and a darker silver-grey. Depending on which size you get, they retail between $15-$17. They often run specials online and at race expos, so be on the lookout.

4. Banana Running Tank from SheSquatsClothing
I absolutely love this adorable tank top from SheSquatsClothing that says “This seems like a lot of work for a free banana.” Having wrapped up my marathon season this month, I totally want this. It would make a great gift for the runner in your life. It costs $19.95.

5. Columbia Hiking Pants
This month, I reconnected with trails and hiking. One of my favorite pair of hiking pants are the Columbia Stretch Convertible Leg Pant, which give you the option to have full pants, or zip off the bottoms of the legs if it gets warm and magically have shorts. They fit great and are comfortable during hours and miles of hiking on all kinds of terrain. They retail around $60.

This is me wearing my Columbia hiking pants in Big Sur earlier this year.
This is me wearing my Columbia hiking pants in Big Sur earlier this year.

6. New-to-me LÄRABAR Flavors
Earlier this month, I had the chance to join LÄRABAR for a fun promotion in preparation for National Take a Hike Day on November 17 and to encourage people to get outside and eat clean. I’ve been eating LÄRABARs for years and love them for an afternoon snack. While I tend to always buy the banana bread and cherry pie flavors, I had the chance to try some flavors that I’d never had before. I am now a convert to carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate chip and peanut butter and jelly. These new-to-me flavors are now going to be staples on my grocery list … that is if I can eat them before Mr. rUnladylike gets to them. If you haven’t already downloaded this coupon, get $0.50 off any LÄRABAR of your choice here.

This month, I discovered and tried RENOLA for the first time – a gluten-free granola from LÄRABAR. I shared more about my thoughts on RENOLA earlier this month here. My favorite combination is the cinnamon nut flavor mixed with Siggi’s vanilla yogurt and sliced strawberries or raspberries. It makes for the perfect breakfast or post-workout snack.

8. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty
With the weather so beautiful this month, reading outdoors in the park or on the front porch is one of my favorite things to do. I just finished The Husband’s Secret and it was a fun read with an ending I didn’t see coming. If you’re looking for a good read for next month, check this out.

Please note: I received the Brooks Running items and LÄRABAR items for free. Nothing I receive for free ever influences anything I share here on

Have you tried any of my October outdoor favorites? If so, what do you think about them? What are your favorite running or fitness finds right now? What is your favorite Halloween candy you simply can’t pass up?

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