Welcome to the Starting Line Baby rUnladylike

January 14, 2017

“You’re about to experience the hardest workout of your life,” the nurse said to me as I waited for my epidural to kick in. The corners of my mouth turned up slightly. Hard workouts are what I do, I thought. I can do this.

After a 33-hour ultra-marathon labor, including nine hours of active labor and nearly two hours of pushing, Bella Renee D’Avanza (aka Baby rUnladylike) made her debut at 1 p.m. on January 9, 2017. She weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 21.75 inches long. It was an explosion of love and overwhelming emotions like nothing I have ever experienced. In that moment, my life and the world changed forever. I think my heart has grown about ten times its original size.

Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com

“That was officially harder than running a marathon,” I exclaimed at some point to everyone in the room, including our doctor who happens to be a runner. But as cliche as it sounds, being an endurance runner taught me a lot of lessons to successfully bring our new little peanut into the world. The mental and physical strength I’ve gained from running translated in many ways, including knowing I am stronger than I think.

We arrived home from the hospital on Wednesday and are enjoying getting used to our new life with our little one.

Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Ready to leave the hospital
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Take me home mom and dad!

Here are a few photos of our favorite girl. She is already incredibly strong, moving her head and arms like crazy and eating like a champ.

Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Mr. rUnladylike is in love.
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Saturday mornings are serious business.
Baby rUnladylike's arrival on runladylike.com
Two-day old Bella

Thank you for all of your kind words and support. I have read every message on Facebook, Instagram, email and more and am overwhelmed by your kindness and love. Here’s to a new and incredible journey that I look forward to sharing with you as I strive to balance working, running and our amazing family. 2017 is officially the best year yet. xo



Oh my goodness!! She isn’t adorable!! Congrats mama!! Can’t wait to meet her!

Frank McDonald

This is so wonderful, thanks for sharing your photos of Bella and your experience with your readers. Congratulations to you and your family!!


Love and Congratulations! Hope you’re enjoying settling into your new normal. She’s so beautiful (fitting for her name!). And let’s talk about how good your hair looks in that leaving the hospital photo.


now that’s the definition of a labor of love…you all look so beautiful and happy and calm..ha..i know..call you at 4am!

2017 is off to the races –can’t beat the start you got right out of the blocks!!!

Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

Awww congrats!! She is adorable and mommyhood looks great on you!! xoxo

Karen Main

Beautiful family!!!! Lovely pictures…..congrats and much love!!!!


Congrats! Miss Bella is so precious. You’re the second mom to say giving birth is harder than running a marathon, so I have hope to accomplish a marathon one day as I’ve already given birth.

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes

Congrats – what a beautiful family! I cannot get over how adorable Bella is. Wishing you all the best as you start this wonderful new phase of life as three!

Sandra Laflamme

She is such a beauty like her mama! What a birth story. I am sure you are exhausted but filled with so much love. Oh how I miss those sweet baby snuggles. Enjoy every moment no matter how hard or sleepy. Bella is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family xoxo

Amanda N

You did a great job! She is so beautiful! Hope your recovery goes well and you enjoy all the snuggles and firsts that come with a newborn.


Congratulations!! Such a precious little girl! Wishing you all the best! Welcome to motherhood….quite simply the best!

Gabrielle from Austria

I am so happy for your little family, congratulations from the bottom of my heart! I know how long you and your husband were waiting for this moment.
God bless you, little Bella!


So sweet! Congratulations to you and your family- Bella is beautiful!


She is so beautiful!! It almost makes me want another tiny one… almost! 🙂 Enjoy this recovery time and the sweet newborn stage.