Global Running Day Shoe Giveaway

June 7, 2017

I’m often asked what I enjoy most about running. I inevitably share the same two reasons: 1) the sense of empowerment and strength running brings me after I accomplish things I once thought were impossible and 2) the community. Today is Global Running Day – a time to celebrate runners everywhere. I’m especially struck on a day like today by the profound impact the running community has had on my life. So much so, I want to give back to you today to say thank you.

I’ve always been a runner, even as a little girl in elementary school. But it wasn’t until 2009 that I realized there was a running community that could {and would} change my life. What began as a goal to run my first half marathon and join a local running group ended up being my invitation to join the greatest community in the world. This community has taught me everything I know about running. It has brought me life-long friendships, confidence, motivation and more support and encouragement than I could ever have imagined. It inspired me to start The running community and the people in it have changed me. I am a better person today because I am part of something with all of you.

Today we celebrate running, but we also celebrate the community that makes running meaningful.

There’s only one way to thank a community of runners on running’s national holiday: SHOE GIVEAWAY!!!

Today, Brooks Running {a company that is extremely special in my personal running community} launched the Glycerin 15s, and I’ve got a pair hot off the presses to give to one lucky reader.

Brooks Running Glycerin 15 on

How to Win the New Brooks Glycerin 15

In celebration of Global Running Day today, Brooks Running launched a new initiative called the Brooks Big Endorsement that invites all runners to become a Brooks endorsed athlete. Although big-time endorsement deals in running are generally reserved for only the fastest in the world, Brooks is mixing things up by offering everyone an endorsement at In addition to bragging rights, Brooks-endorsed athletes will receive a $1 check and access to content from Brooks experts about training, nutrition and a variety of other running-related topics.

All you have to do to enter to win a free pair of Brooks Glycerin 15s is …

  • Go to and provide your email to sign up. It’s free, takes less than a minute and gives you lots of awesome tips, information and perks.
  • Confirm you did the above step in the Rafflecopter widget below so I can track your entry.
  • You can then unlock bonus chances to enter, like leaving a comment, following @rUnladylike on Instagram and more (you will see the additional ways to enter in the Rafflecopter widget).

You can read all the giveaway rules and details in the link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On this Global Running Day, I hope you will take a special moment to celebrate the community running has brought into your life and to go for a run. Run happy my friends.

Please note: I am a Brooks Running Run Happy Ambassador and receive free monthly products to test in addition to other benefits that help me become a better runner. Although Brooks is my favorite running company on the planet and I’ve been partnering with them for nearly five years, everything I write about Brooks and its products is my own unbiased, uncensored opinion and always will be. Brooks provided me a pair of the Glycerin 15 free of charge.

How has the running community impacted your life? How are you celebrating Global Running Day? Have you signed up to be a Brooks Endorsed Athlete yet?



Runners are such friendly individuals that have motivated me personally to stick with training and racing. There are very knowledgeable people that are always there in a time of need, whether to answer training questions or injury problems!


I run to reminisce on my childhood when my two sisters where both living and also to silently set intentions for the days to come. A fun fact is that I run without music (iPod, digital playlist etc.) so I can stay present in my surroundings on the Austin trails. Hearing the birds chirp, dogs bark and bikes peddling, I feel strongly connected to Mother Nature and that is what makes me happy.


Yes! I just signed up!

I plan to celebrate with an evening run- not something I normally do!

Erika Fecteau

I’m going for a run with my husband to celebrate today!!

Heather D.

Running give me time away from everything else to think, unwind, reflect and allows me to be better in the other aspects of my life. I follow runners on Instagram and get a lot of inspiration from hearing about their running journeys, successes and failures,


The running community has made a huge difference in my life. I wasn’t a runner growing up and they have helped me achieve things I never thought possible, like running a marathon.

I celebrated with a few miles at 5 a.m. I love the Brooks campaign. It is so much fun and the marketer in me loves how it connects with their audience. I signed up immediately.


Signed up earlier today. And what am I doing to celebrate…not much more than my usual…going for a run this evening.


The running community means so much to me because it is the one true place I can feel like myself. Runners accept me because of what I love to do!

Lindsay W

Yay! Glycerin’s are my fave! Running has given me a peace of spirit that’s hard to put into words. It stills my thoughts, while energizing my body. <3

Jessica N

Signed up this morning! I was able to get 3 miles in today with my running buddy!


I’ve been following for quite some time now. trying to get back in to running after the birth of my daughter in August… It’s been a while. Your posts inspire me and I’m working on week 2 of training. My goal in a 10 miler in October.


so awesome! the running community is the best! so motivational and supportive!

Anna H

I had very few friends (besides my husband) when I moved to my current home. Once I finally got over being shy and joined my local track club I got to be a part of the most incredible running community I could imagine. I’ve never had more wonderful, close friends than I have now on my team.

Patty Nash

Yay, just signed up! I’m celebrating with a run.


Brooks is my favorite running brand and I think this endorsement thing is so much fun. I’m celebrating today but taking a much needed rest day in my training cycle so I’m ready for a good hard tempo run tomorrow and a 5k on Saturday. It’s time to figure out where my speed really is after coming back from an injury.

Christina Painter

Running is how I make friends as a military spouse moving around the world. I tend to find like minded friends who I can quickly bond with on the roads and trails. I ran 3 miles on my treadmill today for global running day and am excited to be a sponsored runner now for Brooks.


So excited for this giveaway. The brooks glycerin is my favorite distance shoe. I loved their endorsement campaign it’s such a neat way to celebrate all runners!


I was new to town and entered a race where I truly became part of the running community. It brought me forever friends and the love of my life!


I am looking forward to running with my son…who is here because I met his dad on a group run 😉

Dejah Tunney

Love this! Celebrated with 3 miles this morning!


My running family is my everything. I look forward to every tues/thurs/saturday run and then we also meet for spinning on wed and swimming on friday. We just love being together and supporting each other.


#19231 Brooks endorsed athlete!! I love our community and how much running has expanded my social circle!


Awesome!!!! I was #76 so it is so cool to see how many people have registered today!

Laura King Edwards

I started running races in 2009 after my sister, Taylor, who is blind and suffers from Batten disease, ran two 5Ks. I won’t save her life, but running saved mine at a time when anger and sadness threatened to consume me.

I’ll run my 20th half marathon next month. I ran a half blindfolded and am running in all 50 states to honor Taylor. I won’t run in anything but Brooks shoes. My Glycerins help me run happy and healthy and even a little faster!

Darlene Jader Waters

I celebrated #GlobalRunningDay in the best way possible; I pushed myself out the door for a much needed decompression run in last year’s Glycerine’s. 🙂

Yes to being a newly “endorsed athlete”. After all, who doesn’t like discounts on anything, especially when it’s Brooks? In regards to the power of the running community, I can only confirm what so many others say, and that runners are by far the kindest, most non-judgemental groups to find support. As someone who is extremely self-conscious about her ability, I’ve always found nothing but the best in every race, store, expo, or group I’ve had the pleasure to engage in as both a new and now veteran of entering my 5th year.


The running community is important to me because I know that I always have support with any of my running goals!

Amanda n

First, awesome job on your 5k this past weekend. The first race back is always nerve racking but it seems you have set yourself up for a great training cycle!

I have met so many amazing people through running and ur has effected so many other areas of my life positively. Without the support I probably would not have run through pregnancy or come back after injury, they really know how to build you up and motivate you! I love that I get to share it with my husband and that my daughter’s are getting into it too, even as toddlers.


Thank you so much Amanda! It was a real confidence boost and a better outcome than I was anticipating. I’ll have my race recap up tomorrow to share with you guys. xo

Mark Varner

Love your blog & tweets! Been following you for quite a while & you keep it real! Celebrated with a 4 mile run this morning 🙂


Thank you so much Mark! So grateful to have you as a reader and part of my running community!!!! xo

Teresa Eskew

Running is such a big part of my life even as Im slowing down and running shorter.
It has provided my connections with a great community and given me quiet times for reflection.
I plan on making running a part of my life as long as I can.



I never felt like an athlete but after signing up I’m kind of inspired!! Thanks BROOKS for giving us ~ average kiddos ~ a chance to have fun while getting back into shape.

Athlete #22000!

Michelle B

Running allows me to be free. That may sound weird, but it helps me with my anxiety and all of my stress. I’m a military wife and it can be intense sometimes. I’ve been using my running streak to kind of count down the days till I see my spouse again.


Running is the only time I have by myself now that I have two little ones! It’s an amazing stress relief too!


Without the community, there’s no way I would still be running. I need the community — friends and not-yet-friends — because the support is invaluable. Sometimes it’s advice, sometimes it’s empathy.


I like how supportive the running community is especially for big races.


Just signed up & of course you know you & our running friends from Atlanta are a huge part of why I love running. I’m thankful that a sport I love connected me to people I wouldn’t have otherwise known

Jennifer Jenkins

The running community has impacted my life in many ways! I began my running career in 8th grade by joining the cross country team, out of pure curiosity and an interest in running. I then continued the sport as well as track, all throughout high school where I quickly excelled due to an amazing coach and support system! I had the opportunity of racing at the cross country state finals twice as an individual, and at Regionals every year! I just graduated high school and am now beginning my summer training for college cross country. I’ll be running D1 cross country for Stetson University this coming up school year! I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and am so thankful to have become a runner. Through running, I’ve learned life skills, made MANY friends, and found a true passion and talent within myself, which gave me a lot more confidence and helped me to get out of my shell through high school. I’ve discovered the meaning of dedication and hard work, and just how much it makes a difference when trying to achieve something in life. I’ve also learned a great deal of perseverance, such as when overcoming injuries, dealing with not the best coaches, and just pushing myself to never give up. Running is my stress relief and it’s a huge part of my life. I don’t know where I’d be without it. I celebrated Global Running Day by aqua-jogging in my pool because I currently have a small knee injury! 🙁 Yes, I’m officially a Brooks endorsed runner! I love your blogs and am thankful for this opportunity to win a new pair of shoes (Brooks are my favorite brand and I could use a new pair of trainers for college). Thank you again!!


What a fun contest and great way to kick-off summer running season! I run in Brooks and could not be happier. Also, congratulations on your 5K race. Way to go!

Bea Alexandra

Running has always helped ease my mind. I began having panic attacks at 16 and running has always helped.


The running community has impacted my life in that being military I’ve moved around a lot and work in a mainly male environment. Running has given me opportunities to make some amazing female friends all over the country.

Ken Christensen

Belong toi a great running club here in GA, lots os encouragement and fun opportunities

Heather Hayes Panjon

The running community is important to me because many friendships have formed along the way. Such a great supportive community.

Mary H

I have always been a Brooks love; not only do I love their product but I love what they stand for as well.


I run to feel empowered & strong.

Sadie B.

The running community is always accepting of new runners. The more the merrier!

Lori Mayer

Love following your blog and love running in brooks even though I am a back of packer.


Just signed up! Love the running community in my own community and online, too! There are so many strong, dedicated, passionate runners out there – including you. I find so much inspiration just reading blogs and scrolling on Instagram.
Celebrated Global Running Day by signing up for Marine Corps Marathon in October! Excited to start training and to run to honor those who have selflessly given their all.


I’m so proud of your last race accomplishment! Your little one is darling. Keep up the great work!

Trista Nielson

I am signed up! Running has introduced me to some amazing people. I met my best friend through running. I love it!