Sole Mates: Brooks PureCadence 5 Review

March 23, 2016

I’m in a long-term, serious relationship with my running shoes. Yes, I’ve had a love affair with the Brooks Running PureCadence since they were first introduced more than four years ago. Like any serious relationship, we’ve gone through changes together. My running journey has experienced immense growth in the years we’ve been “sole mates.” From […] Read more

8 Things Every Runner Should Buy Themselves for the Holidays

December 14, 2015

Let’s be honest, shall we? If you had a dollar for every holiday running gifts guide you’ve seen or read, you could buy yourself a new pair of running shoes. If you’re like me, you’re probably reading them all mostly because you want the inside scoop on new running gear you “can’t live without.” Am I […] Read more